Print Guidelines

Pre-press department

Phone: 790 228 515

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login – patentdruk_klient

password – Drukowanie2015

Guidelines for preparing files for printing

1. Accepted file formats:

  • composite PDF (preferred version 1.4, up to 1.6)
  • TIFF, JPG or CDR (ver. 13)

2. Correctly prepared files for printing are:

  • in CMYK;
  • without ICC profiles;
  • with project centered, with cutting marks or attached info about netto format;
  • with min 3mm bleeds;
  • with resolution 300 to 350 dpi;
  • with texts and graphic elements placed min 3mm from cutting line;
  • in case of catalogues and folders we recommend to increase the distance to 5mm;
  • with all fonts vectorised;
  • with Total Area/Ink Coverage not higher than 320%;
  • with cutting lines prepared in spot color with overprint stroke on.

3. How to prepare mask for selective UV varnish

  • please prepare mask in 100% spot color with overprint stroke on and/or overprint fill on;
  • or send separate file with mask only.

4. In case of catalogues, brochures, magazines etc:

  • please send pages in order from 1 to 2, 3 etc including blank (vacat) pages. If that’s not possible, please attach additional information where blank pages
  • supposed to be. Only one page per sheet;
  • in case of saddle stitch binding – cover pages in order from 1 to 2, 3, 4 etc;
  • in case of perfect bound – cover pages together on same sheet with spine (4-1, 2-3);
  • please name files accordingly, i.e. Catalogue_X_Pages.pdf, Catalogue_X_Cover.pdf

5. General recommendations

  • please make black texts from K-100% with overprint stroke on;
  • to achieve deep black use: C-40%, M-40%, Y-40%, K-100%
  • font sizes:
    min size for printed in one color monospaced font – 6pkt, for proportional fonts – 7pkt;
    min size for printed in more than one color or in contrasting color for monospaced font – 8pkt, for proportional fonts – 10pkt;
  • in case of CDR files please transform all the effects and transparency to bitmap.

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